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Thailand is a well-known gem, shining on the Asian landscape and ripe with treasures that are waiting to be explored. Each year, thousands of Thailand’s visitors choose to admire the scenery, history, and personality of this country from the perspective of a bicycle tour. Unlike traditional tours by car or even by foot, cycling tours of Thailand allow you to see more than you would if you were trekking on foot or simply viewing from your window as the car passes by. Cycling Thailand plans tours via bicycle for the enjoyment of all who participate.

Whether your aim is to spend hours basking in the sunlight as you coast through breathtaking scenery and cultural landmarks or to take a relaxed, brief bike ride wherein you learn something new, Cycling Thailand will accommodate. There is no one right way to appreciate Thailand’s beauty, so we provide a variety of tour types that operate on different routes and at different paces so that all who seek it out can enjoy the sights as they are meant to be seen.

So you’ve arranged the tour date, purchased any tickets necessary to get to your starting destination, planned accommodations for the end of the tour, and ensured that your insurance will take care of you if things get messy on your route. You’ve done all of the practical planning, except for one thing: You haven’t thought about your physical comfort.

Some cycling tours of Thailand are very long, and even the shorter routes still require some planning with your physical comfort in mind. You’re going to be spending a long time on a bicycle and don’t want to feel uncomfortable and agitated halfway through it. Avoid becoming distracted by discomfort by applying these tips as you prepare yourself for your cycling adventure.

Tips for Comfortable Cycling Tours

Do not over-pack your gear.

It is important that you bring only what is absolutely needed on your trip. Many people feel inclined to bring more than they need, which results in larger luggage that’s more difficult to carry around. It’s worth it to invest in luggage that is designed specifically for cycling because carrying a hefty backpack on your back all day is guaranteed to cause some strain.

Pack only what you know you need, and stick with smaller pieces of luggage to avoid accidentally over-packing.

Prepare your body.

Unless you are an experienced cyclist that still cycles regularly, it is advisable to get some training. Dedicate a portion of your time in the months leading up to your trip to get your body used to the demands of long-distance cycling. If you build up your endurance and your muscles gradually over this time, you’ll be prepared for the real thing.

Wear the right clothes.

You don’t want to melt in the heat, and you also want to avoid problems like chafing that comes with long cycling rides. Over the duration of your trip, you are going to be exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. For this reason, you need to make sure that you bring some long-sleeved shirts with you to protect your skin. Moisture-wicking materials will keep you cooler and drier for longer while padded cycling shorts will keep your thighs from feeling the pains of chafing.

When you are fully prepared for a cycling tour of Thailand, you will enjoy it more easily and not feel distracted by pain, overheating or burdensome luggage. The goal of these tours is for you to see the unique sights of a unique country, and it’s much harder to appreciate the scenery if you’re miserable and uncomfortable. Follow these tips to enjoy your tour the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Cycling tours of Thailand have taken off in a big way, with more tourists than ever before choosing to see the country in its full splendor from the vantage point of a bicycle seat. And why wouldn’t they? On a cycling tour, visitors can go off the beaten path and see more of what makes Thailand such a unique and breathtaking vacation destination. From Bangkok to Phuket and everywhere in-between, there is so much to see and it’s up to you how long your ride is.

Whether your trip is a seven-day journey or a brief excursion through a small area of Thailand, it’s paramount that safety be the number one concern on your trip. Cycling through Thailand is widely regarded as safe, but that doesn’t mean that nobody is vulnerable to the oppressive heat and humidity or other mishaps that can befall any cyclist. Below are some of our best safety tips as well as tips on how to get the most out of your Thailand cycling tour experience.

Prepare for the Heat

Seriously, the humidity of Thailand is intense and the temperatures are at a balmy 30 degrees Celsius all year long. Rest and hydration are imperative to enjoying your trip, so make sure to bring water with you and plan to make stops. This isn’t a contest, you don’t have to spend every possible minute on your bike, especially not at the expense of your health.

You should also pack clothes that suit the weather, including long sleeves to protect your arms from the damaging effects of the sun. Moisture-wicking clothing materials will keep you cooler for longer, as well.

Take Some Time to Enjoy the Culture

Your travels will bring you through all kinds of historic and cultural sites, and the point is to enjoy them, not to pass them by. All of that cycling is sure to make you hungry, so take every opportunity available to try out some of the local cuisine. Forget about bringing a tent. Stay overnight in hostels or hotels, which range drastically in price from very expensive to quite cheap. You’ll get to mingle more with the locals, make new friends and form valuable memories that you’d have missed out on otherwise.

Take Care Around Area Wildlife

Highway dogs and pick-pocketing monkeys near the temples are common concerns for cycling tourists. There is really only one approach to take if you find your bike being pursued by dogs or monkeys-pedal faster.

You don’t have to over think every detail of your cycling Thailand tour to get the most out of it. Some of the best moments are experienced when we step outside of our comfort zone and try something new. With these tips, you will know how to not only keep yourself safe on your ride but also how to enjoy the sights and sounds as Cycling Thailand hopes you will.

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