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General Information


We’ve been crafting cycling routes with many goals in mind: to help our travellers uncover a region’s true spirit, take to the heart of a real local tasty food, enjoy riding in a spellbound route in incredible places that hidden from tourist sights, end of each day with smiles and have a happy sound sleep. Final one is our highest intend to make our travellers find many good answers why they choose to come with us 


These goals cause us carefully selected all ingredients to make our trip to be a flavorful trip. We spend a lot of times on survey to find the best cycling routes in each region, multi re-check for its detailed for B&T trailed leader have much more information, completely route data and enough good ingredients to cook an appetizing trip that match for each traveler  taste. Global never stop movement causes everything might be changed, a new born route is waiting to be found  then we can not stop to find the best one for our clients.

Just ask and let us know your taste. We have abundantly ingredients that waiting to cook for you.


Let’s get into gear – cycle your heart out in our cycling routes that shouldn’t be missed!!!!!!!!



Day time is for adventure and see beautiful world but night time is for happy sound sleep so our accommodation concept is based on its clean, comfortable, good services and friendly especially sites in a beautiful landscaped. Ride on way off the beaten path is our aim so this cause an effect for us to choose the types of hotels you’ll stay so your hotel might be the small character lodges to magnificent five stars hotel that we carefully select from the most interesting hotels the regions has to offer



To make travellers have amazing culinary experiences in region food while traveling is one of our working goals so every dish you will taste is every dish our staff have been tasted and carefully selected for you. To hit this goal your restaurant can be a small hut, normal house to magnificent restaurant but must clean, cook original prescription and tasty 


For vegetarian or fruitarian or any special requirements can be catered for with advance notice. We’ll do our very best to accommodate you. Just let’s us know…..


James Duthie : CEO Ogilvy One Middle East

This is the sixth tour that I have done with Tanin.  I found him entirely  by accident on the net and have never looked back since.  Not only is the scenery and cycling spectacular, but Tanin is a real foody.  This will therefore be a culinary tour of Thailand. You will eat in places that no tourist would ever discover, and probably eat a few things you never thought you would eat.!

**** Food is special one can not show by picture you should know by yourself ****


Our trip value spontaneity more than timetables and go way off the beaten path at your own pace then our group size keep small; usually minimum is 1 person.  A small group allows our crew knows personally detailed of our traveler to add a charming identity of cycling feeling to match each personal needs and can create amazing moments you might have on your trip especially causes our trip having less impact on fragile local cultures and it is more like traveling with group of friends than taking a tour.


Sometimes we do a cycling trip for a big conference group of 80 people who would like to do something difference, make each person have a good relation with other in a short time and want to see beautiful nature sites with simple life of local people in places hardly visited by tourists



You can’t enjoy a great biking trip without a really great bike to make you have a comfort ride so our bikes are customized for you. B&T has a customized fleet of fully equipped new Trek hybrids bike model 7300 in many different frame sizes. On each day trip after you finished riding, our staff will take care of your bike, check and clean to make it be ready to use and waiting for you at the start of each day’s ride.


OUR EQUIPMENT: Quality-Comfort and Ease of use

We pride ourselves on having good equipment for our activity and locale, maintained by expert staff just for you. We include everything you could possibly need, from bikes, helmets to first aid kid, so you can focus on the experience at hand.



Our well-stocked van will drive follow the riding group for carry supplies as drinking water, coffee & tea, snacks, fruits, bike tools and accessories, first aid kits and things you might need to use. This accompany van provide a welcome break when you have had enough peddling for the day or for snacks, storage or succor.


Let’s get into gear…….

cycle and see land of smiles in our amazing cycling routes


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